anti-slip plates Regupol ® 1000 LSE, plates

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Anti slip mat Regupol ® panels 1000 LSE specially designed for heavy duty transports. Fine granular structure. Properties such as rubber but cheaper.
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Product Name Dicke pcs/pallet Price per each, starting at purchase of Order Qty
1 5 10 25 50
Plate 8x1200x800mm Regupol anti-slip mats 1000 LSE 1040.0031 8mm 100 Stk. = 750 kg, gestapelt €69.50 €65.99 €62.70 €59.50 €56.50


Non-slip mats designed specifically from the material Regupol ® 1000 LSE for all types of heavy duty cargo backups. She can withstand extreme loads and is still cheaper than solid rubber mats. The granular structure is finer than in all other non-slip mats.
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