anti-slip plates Regupol ® 9510 RHS plus, plates

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Non-slip mats Regupol ® panels 9510 RHS plus. Coloured anti-slip mat as plate - not dyeing. Suitable for heavy load transport, assurance of concrete parts, rolls of paper.
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Product Name Dicke pcs/pallet Price per each, starting at purchase of Order Qty
1 5 10 25 50
anti-slip mats plate 8x1200x800mm 9510 RHS 1040.0025 8mm 200 St. = 2092 kg, gestapelt €30.75 €29.20 €27.70 €26.30 €25.00


Anti-slip mats made of the material Regupol ® 9510 RHS plus are designed for special applications. E.g. securing of concrete parts or Papiercoils are a common usage. The material does not rub off and has a higher wing loading than Regupol ® 7210 LS.
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