Load Securing / Intralogistics

Securing cargo in the internal transport

Stock movements and relocations - multi way fuses for short transport, internal movement of goods

A backup of goods should be made also for internal transport.

Variostrap-climbing belts as an alternative to expansion bands

For form-fitting stacked packages

So-called Variostrap-climbing belts can used for internal transports of E.g. pallets with cardboard boxes, parts, boxes, etc. as a reusable Variant or Ministretchfolien as a disposable version. By wrapping around the top layer of positive stacked packages, achieved a much better stability of the entire packaging and minimizes from slipping or tipping over of the goods during transport.

Anti slip paper

Areas of application

Another way to secure the goods in internal traffic is the anti-slip paper. It's a single-sided rubberized paper, which between the layers on a pallet can be created, and thus the goods contrary to slip. Anti slip paper is increasingly in the food industry for goods in bags, which stacked as a pallet pallet liner to prevent that the bags of the charge carriers slip.
The Sandax anti slip paper is certified for direct contact with food. In the internal movement of goods strapping or wrapping of the goods stretch film may be waived under certain circumstances when the use of anti slip paper that.
The non-slip effect prevents appropriate surfaces of goods up to an angle of 40 ° angle of Bank falling [cLineBreak it] your products. Also, the rubber coating offers additional protection from scratching by high-quality sales packaging or product surfaces.

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