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Mechanical load securing

Our daily road is characterised by an increasing number of CEP services (courier, express, parcel services), which focuses on bringing the rapidly growing Internet orders to the customers. This type of vehicles is small, agile, and efficient. An adequate load securing is very important because often sensitive goods per box are transported.

Sandax offers the freight forwarder or CEP service providers the whole range of retail securing such as clamping bars, round load securing, airline-Zurrschinen or lashing straps.

The Sandax tie-down straps can be assembled individually with the required Endfittingen.

We have focused our offer of the mechanical load securing on the standard sizes and standard products. So we can offer our customers highest quality at the best prices.

Load securing

Areas of application

ALU - clamping bars are mainly in the mechanical load securing (also aluminum load securing called) or curtain wall fasteners made of aluminium for the usage. Aluminium curtain wall fasteners secure the load from shifting on the truck loading area. They are used in trucks of planning for. The secure lashing of the cargo in the truck avoids the sliding or tipping your cargo and protects against costly damage.

If you need a product, which you cannot find in our range, please contact us happy anyway. We find the right solution together with our customers.

Curtain wall fasteners


. Curtain wall fasteners run always horizontal and ensure a positive load securing.

Aluminium load securing


Aluminium load securing can be used horizontally depending on the load.

Clamping bars


Applications for the clamping bars are box trucks, vans or refrigerated containers.

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