Container desiccant

Container desiccant

In closed containers, transport goods are exposed strong climatic fluctuations and therefore the risk of damage due to condensation. Especially goods made of metal are at risk, because the moisture can cause corrosion.

The Sandax desiccant Sansorb your goods offers optimum protection against moisture.

The optimal addition - set for the container depends on type of packaging, transport duration and transported goods.

Container desiccant

Applying desiccant

The moisture accumulates in the upper area of the sea container. For this reason, the desiccant is attached always on top in the container (mostly on the existing lashing points). The container desiccant has sturdy hooks, allowing a quick and easy insertion of the desiccant. Container desiccant is there in the form of chains to hang in the container surrounds or as a ceiling above is placed on the goods.


Composition and properties

The chains as well as the ceilings consist of 100 g desiccant packets that are strung together. They each consist of a waterproof bottom and a surface of flies. The fleece surface can be water condensation through. The desiccant itself is a mixture of salt and starch. The salt (calcium chloride) attracts the humidity and the modified starch binds the moisture, so that the application into a gel-like mass will be, which can rejoin.

Available model


(Length x width X height)

- 6 x 100 g chain with hook 1000 mm x 130 mm x 15 mm

- 10 x 100 g chain with hook 1660 mm x 130 mm x 15 mm

-12 x 100 g chain with hook 2000 mm x 130 mm x 15 mm

-20 x 100 g on top of 1000 mm x 800 mm x 15 mm (inkl. Selbstklebepunkte auf Rückseite)

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