Container lashings

Container lashings/container planning/safety sheets

Container lashings and container plan belong to both the area of container restraint systems. You avoid slipping or falling out of the goods from the container. They can be used as final backup inside the container or directly in front of the container door.

Different container rear retention systems in detail

Container lashings

The restraint systems manufactured from polyester or skip nets can be assembled individually according to your wishes. Prefabricated vertical bands, which can vary depending on the container height (normal containers or high-cube containers) comprise click hooks to two with snap or. The vertical bands horizontal bands are depending on the customer's requirements 2-4 firmly sewn or flexibly attached, so that they are adjustable in height. The width of the container straps can be determined depending on the required strength of the system by the customer. The horizontal bands can be connected with our Sandax fit buckles.

Container tarps

The Sandax safety sheets or container planning also prevent falling out of charge when you open the container door and avoid thus injury or damage. The robust PP cover is stitched with a 32mm polyester band which is pulled through the container slots and closes before the plane with Sandax fit buckles. The plan can be assembled on Kundenswunsch with Snaphaken. The Sandax-container lashings and the Sandax safety sheets offer a time - and cost advantage over traditional lashing methods with disposable lashing strap. Your cargo arrives safely at the receiver. Individual colour wishes, as well as individual prints can be taken into account. Please contact us. We advise you in the selection of the appropriate container lashings or container-plane for your goods.

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