Conventional Lashequipment

Conventional lash equipment

Conventional lash equipment refers to a variety of products, which are used for the securing of cargo or ro-ro cargo on ships . Charge that can not be shipped in containers is loaded on so-called general cargo ships and ro-ro ships (rolling load). Then, the cargo must be secured with the help of conventional Las equipment such as Lashketten and clamping screws . Wind turbines, large machines, sailing boats or even bulky boxes are shipped this way. They are transported either below in the hold or on deck. Because the Lasch facilities on the ships are always different, you need different products from ship to ship, and even cargo space to hold optimally secure the goods in New York City. Sandax offers you a wide range of different products, for the fixing of your goods.

Frequently used products for ensuring cargo on ships

Lashing material for sea-going vessels

Often come load distribution plates or various stop er sheets used, which are then precisely welded on the ship. Sandax offers you every kind of stopper made according to your individual size. There on seagoing ships enormous forces counter most products such as lash chains, shackles, turnbuckles, or D-rings have a high breaking load, to these forces to act. The often very expensive goods can be optimally with our products. You are subject to steady quality controls and are tested regularly. A wide variety of customers from the fields of industry and shipping are loyal to us for years. Convince yourself of our products. We submit a quote you like.

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