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The foil of pallet goods protects from dirt, moisture and damage. Maschinenstretchfolie, Handstretchfolie, shrink films include the packaging foil / foil and foil covers.

The packaging includes a summary of the main articles that are required for shipping and export packing. These include briefcases, filament tapes, sign sprays and more.

We offer a wide range of films and packaging materials.

If you pallets of order machine foil want, inquire directly with us. Because the prices are subject to fluctuations, there are daily rates in this area with large quantities.

Stretch wrapping machine - Maschinenstretchfolie


Maschinenstretchfolie for stretch wrapping machine and stretch film wrapping machines is an integral part of the packaging resources requirements and securing of most packaging and logistics and packaging departments. You need a stretch wrapping machine for the use of Maschinenstretchfolie. Stretch wrapping machine are also often referred to as pallet stretch-wrapper, pallet wrapping machine, Stretchautomat or winding machine. The films are stretched in the settings Retchen on a multiple of the length. Stability and rear holding forces caused by the strain. Depending on the quality of the film, you can reach a higher or lower stretch. The stabilization of the goods on the pallet also simplifies the transport and storage of pallets and load securing during transportation.



The foil of pallet goods with Handstretchfolie designed to protect from dirt, moisture and mechanical influences. Handstretchfolie is also the name of stretch film, LDPE film, low density polyethylene foil or simply stretch film known. The product is stabilized on the pallet and simplifies the storage of pallets and load securing during transportation.

Handstretchfolie of Sandax offers various advantages: guaranteed barrel lengths and guaranteed roll weight, easiest application and processing exactly right hand off scooters, cheap and easy solution for small to medium-sized quantities needed

Shrink film


Shrink films are special LDPE films. Especially in the area of industrial packaging are shrinking part of the packaging concept. Here, in particular in the packaging machines, machine parts and other metal products.

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