Lashing belts

Flat rack fuse with Lashband

For many years, Sandax supplies a variety of port terminals, Export Packers and industrial customers in the entire Federal territory.

A flat rack is used, if the size or weight of the cargo against a transport container, such as bulky machines or machine parts, turbines, boilers, or large vehicles.

Often, the goods in specially-made wooden boxes are packed, which are backed up with our endless Lashbändern or endless load fastening straps on the flat.



The Sandax Einweglashbänder represent a low-cost alternative to more expensive reusable ratchets. In conjunction with our double bridge closures and double bar hook, they offer a variety of backup options the user as the lashing of different thicknesses are available and the length can be adjusted as needed.



The Einweglashsysteme are subject to a regular quality assurance and in addition all are certified by Germanischer Lloyd.

Usage area


There are a variety of possible applications and methods (E.g., use of Kopflashings, T-lashings, with double bar hook or double bar lock) for the lashing strap.

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