Lashing straps with ratchet

Tensioning straps.

A safety-critical area is the door of the container or the container opening.
The cargo in the container must be so that no product can fall out when opening the container. To do this, there are different types of so-called restraint systems.

Container Lashing


There are ready-made container lashings and container safety sheets which are hooked in the container rings, closed with double bridge closures and consequently prevent falling out of the goods from the container. Alternatively, also Lashband in connection with double bridge closures can be used to secure door.

Within the container


Within the container can be secured with special characteristics of the goods (E.g., special dimensions, drums, machine parts, etc.) with disposable load backup tapes or to strapping bands in conjunction with double bridge closures, as well as clamps. In this variant, a belt tensioning device is required. Alternatively it can be used with lashing straps.

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