PET strapping

PET strapping band

Our PET band or even PET strap, plastic band, or green polyester strapping band called, shows very high breaking loads that are roughly comparable with the strength of steel strip. PET is however much easier to process and dispose of as a steel band



The closure of PET strapping band after the strapping can occur in different ways. Either using sleeve closure and manual clamping device or with a battery strapping tool and stationary strapping machines due to friction seal in the friction welding or a thermal element in Schweißzunge.Eine PET strapping bands goes so much faster and easier than a strapping with composite or hot melt, eliminating threading in a metal clamp.


Heavy packages

Very fast and stable straps from heavy Pack items can be produced with PET ribbons. A further advantage over the steel band is the shock reserve which is hard braking needed at load changes such as a truck. The back stretch at shrinking packages as for example drying wood offers a further advantage over the steel band in addition to the lower price in comparison. Also PET rust belt not and therefore no traces on delicate surfaces. Main areas of application for green PET tape are medium-sized and large companies in logistics and industry with high shipping volumes of palletised goods.



Our PET straps are coiled to 406 mm cores made of cardboard that can be mounted on all common rolling cart or strapping machines. PET strapping band are available in a variety of different band widths between 9 mm - 25 mm. In our shop you can buy the most common dimensions directly. Larger quantities or other designs you can ask directly. We make you a tailor-made offer.

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