PP strapping

PP strapping band - strapping.

PP polypropylene band is the classic among the plastic to strapping tapes for the strapping of boxes and lighter packages. PP bands are also often referred to as PP-strapping or referred also polypropylene.

In our shop you can buy the most common dimensions directly. Larger quantities or other designs you can ask directly. We make you a tailor-made offer.

Areas of application

Closure and application

Strapping can also just like with PET-band using battery heights, combined heights with sleeves closure / crimp clasp or a strapping machine made.

Areas of application are for example the bundles of printed products in the printing industry as well as processing printing companies and publishers. Continue to PP band at package services, logistics companies, shipping warehouses, distribution centres, as well as in the textile industry, and many more to use.

To maturation sizes


Our PP polypropylene strapping types are wound on a 200 mm core made of hard cardboard that can be mounted on all common rolling cart or to aging sow tomatoes. Mostly pallets of PP band is ordered, however we have also PP tapes in practical dispenser cartons for smaller order quantities or mobile use.

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