Dunnage bags for container and truck

Dunnage bags - professional cargo securing at low prices

In the rarest of cases the cargo without can in the container positively are packaged and stowed. There are a variety of circumstances which prevent this. Reasons for any gaps are for example:

  • Dimensions (EURO-pallets can E.g. not without any gaps in the container stored are, since the sizes of containers and pallets are not matched – it remains always a space left)
  • Not positively packed cardboard boxes
  • The bag on pallets or without pallet

Such gaps can be closed with our dunnage bags efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. Pallets can no longer slip and the load on the pallets can not solve. A damage resulting from the shifting of the cargo can be prevented safely. The use of storage bags is the professional alternative to time-consuming and expensive damming with wooden structures (Pallings). This that we ourselves are manufacturers of dunnage bags , we have not only price advantages over our competitors, but able to realize even special requests for larger orders. We carry different types of storage bags, which are described in detail below.

Dunnage bags made of polypropylene fabric

PP woven dunnage bags

Dunnage bags always consist of an outer and an inner shell. The outer skin of the storage bags as well as the inner surface can have different strengths. To choose a stronger for heavier goods PP outer shell. For the most common applications, a standard level is 1 storage bag (90 GSM, 0.2 bar working pressure) but sufficient. Polypropylene dunnage bags are resistant to moisture. Especially this is advantageous when used in sea containers, the strong climatic fluctuations are subject to during transport. Is still PP fabric resistant to many chemical influences such as acids or solvents. In addition to our standard sizes 60 x 90-12 x 240 cm, we produce individual dimensions.

Dunnage bags kraft paper

Kraft paper dunnage bags

Kraft paper airbags have an outer skin made of sturdy paper. The inliner consists in the kraft paper jam bags exactly like in the PP dunnage bags of PE (polyethylene). The standard sizes of kraft paper bags vary between 60 x 90 and 120 x 250 cm. The thicknesses are achieved by the number of layers of kraft paper. We produce 1-ply (1-ply), 2-ply (2-ply), and 4-ply (4-ply) dunnage bags. What size and strength is used depends on the weight of the load and the usage area.

Fast flow valve for very short be filling times

Up to 50% time savings in the filling of storage bags with our fast flow valve

Compared to conventional loading filling systems reach with our fast flow valves one by up to 50% reduced filling time. This is achieved through the large opening of the valves, and on the other by a sophisticated mechanism of our guns. Through a vacuum process, ambient air is sucked in with and conducted in addition to the compressed air in the dunnage bags. This effect is called the venturi effect.

Filling Adapters for dunnage bags

Air guns and electric quick be filler for storage bags

For different requirements, we offer you the appropriate dunnage bag gun. In addition to the compressed air guns for the fast flow quick loading filler called valves, also venturi inflation device / venturi, we offer a handy electrical inflation device. This process completely without air pressure and compressor, but only with an electric current.

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