Kompositband is a textiles strapping parallel polyester - fibres that are coated with plastic. Often it is also called Compositeband or Compositband. It is relatively stiff compared to the flat-band, and is therefore easier and faster under the pallets without an extra palletizing needle is imperative.

Areas of application

Tear strength

A separate edge protection is not required when the Kompositband often, as the stable plastic wrapping already protects the polyester threads. The band has very good linear can (system stability according to the linear fracture load times two minus the loss on the closure depending on various factors such as humidity, temperature, and the like). It is often used in the building material transportation as well as pallets used for medium to heavy cargo.



Also in the applications of the Kompositbänder, we have put together Starter sets, include the equal to the required metal clips, rolling cart, clamping device and the band.

In addition


There are composite-strapping in different widths and strengths in our Shop.Die are most common dimensions 25 mm (925 daN), 19 mm (625daN) and 16 mm (550daN).

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