Mechanical load securing

Mechanical load securing

The mechanical load securing offers a variety of products to secure cargo for any kind of truck or van. The very frequently used partition locks or clipboards, also called as well as the clamping bars are at Sandax in various lengths available, so that they can be used in trucks or vans. We provide loading bar or round load securing also in any length and for different types of track. We deliver the Sandax lashing Rails such as a semicircular tie-down rail, a retractable tie-down rail, or a rod lashing Rails in varying lengths and as aluminum or steel variant. Sandax also offers a wide range of accessories such as fittings (single, double, or Quattro) or other anchor points. By constant stress and everyday use, all parts are subject to high demands and require a very good quality. Therefore, our products of constant quality checks are subject to to meet your needs. Sandax offer you a complete range of mechanical load securing, the track and the accessories. We can consider your individual wishes and requirements in production. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Mechanical load securing lashing systems


On following slides the product ranges are: lashing Rails, loading bar & locking bars, curtain wall fasteners/clipboards, clamp beams and fittings & fittings described in more detail

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