Dispenser for strapping

Roll-off truck

Generally requires rolling car, if not strapping machine but a mobile strapping tool is used. This is for strapping as portable and mobile variants.

One must distinguish what strapping on the dispenser to be used and what diameter has the strapping band.
Portable versions are available only for strapping with a core diameter up to 200 mm.

PET - PP - band

Roll-off truck

PET straps and PP strap can be used with the same roll-off truck designed for heavy weights. Both straps have a core of 406 mm in the standard widths.

Rolling cart with band brake


Roll-off truck for all kinds of band with core are 406 mm, with band brake (prevents the independent roles of band), fitted rubber rollers for silent shunting as well as a storage box for closures or the strapping tool.

Portable roll dispenser

Usage area

Portable roll dispenser used mostly for Kompositband, woven strapping or WG band. There are models for 200mm cores (mostly Kompositband) or 76mm cores (woven band, WG band).

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