Steel strapping

Steel strapping.

Steel strapping, even band Iron or steel strapping band called, there are numerous versions, which can be roughly divided according to following criteria: size, grade, winding and corrosion protection. There are steel strapping in the bandwidths from 12.7 mm to 31.75 mm and the thickness of 0.38-1.0 mm. Ever wider and thicker the band, is the higher tensile strength.

Influence on tensile strength


Another parameter with influence on the tensile strength of the steel strip is on. Here, simple blank tape can be distinguished by quality and high performance band. Bare steel strapping is a largely untreated steel band, in which the edges are deburred after rolling and cutting. The strain is this strapping in 3-6% and the tensile strength at 700-800 N / mm². If the steel band is further treated, one speaks of quality band. Here, the edges are not only deburred, but situated, the elongation is 6-8% and tensile strength is also significantly higher than in bare steel strapping with approx. 850 N / mm². The highest values for elongation and tensile strength is the high-performance steel band. Here is elongation when about 14% and the strength approx. 1050 N / mm².

Rust protection


Rust protection, three levels can be distinguished in quality - steel strapping and high-performance band: blued, black lacquered and zinc dust painted. Blued steel band, means that the Ribbon is heat treated and is protected from corrosion, therefore.



Finally steel band in the way of the winding is different - and while there are packing winding and disc winding. When the package winding, also called a pack Haspelung, the steel band is multi-layer wrapped; i.e. a coil is about three times as wide as the width of the steel strip. The roll-off weighing in packaging development usually have a lid that screws off, then bring the steel strip on an axis and again screwed to the cover. The disc winding, called also disc Haspelung, is, however, one layer wrapped, i.e. here the role steel strapping is as wide as the band itself. In the rolling cart for disc winding, the role is simply placed from the top, the band can then roll out with the help of a ball bearing.

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