Ratchets straps for Trucks

Lashing straps and tie downs

When the securing of cargo on the truck's different lashings are depending on the type of truck used.

Basically vary the straps depending on the goods in the length, width, breaking strength, kind of Ratchet and whether they are one or two parts. Depending on the type of vehicle (E.g. planning car, vans, auto transporter), the straps with various end fittings are manufactured.

Tension belt


. With car safety belts, a stretch under 4% must be realized. In the manufacture of belts the 12195-2 should be observed.

Notes on belts

Disclosure obligation

Each strap is provided me a blue label of the data, which provides information about the individual properties of the tensioning strap.

The following data must be included on the blue labels:

LC (traction) in daN - standard hand strength (SHF) 50 daN - STF value that will be realized with SHF 50 daN - belt material: polyester (PES) - supplier specification - warning "May not be used for lifting" - traceability (serial number) - standard reference to 12195 - 2 - length in metres (per part 2-piece tie-down straps) - stretch value of LC's year of manufacture

The label on the loose end as well as on the long end must be sewn in two-piece ratchets.
Special wishes


In addition to the large standard range, Sandax can produce in addition every any harness according to customer requirements. Individual prints are also available.

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