Regupol ® 7210 LS anti-slip plates plus pads

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Non-slip mats pad Regupol ® 7210 LS plus. Rubber granulate mat made of high quality PU bonded raw material. Suitable for various charge back-up purposes. Anti-slip mat as a pad.
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Product Name Strength pcs/pallet Price per each, starting at purchase of Order Qty
1 500 1000 2500 4000
Pad 3x150x80mm 7210 LS Regupol anti-slip mats 1040.0001 3mm 10.000 St. = 438 kg, lose geschüttet €1.61 €1.32 €0.98 €0.86 €0.81
Pad 8x200x100mm 7210 LS Regupol anti-slip mats 1040.0002 8mm 4000 St. = 762 kg, lose geschüttet €1.84 €1.55 €1.15 €0.98 €0.86


Non-slip mats support the load securing with its anti-slip effect. Through the use of anti-slip mats can be reduced by means of tie-down and thus save costs. Our Regupol ® 7210 LS plus non-slip mats have been repeatedly tested by independent institutes and approved. You meet the VDI 2700 directive and are thus suitable for the load securing. It is the most commonly used standard quality with excellent price-performance ratio.
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