Strapping machines

Strapping machines

Strapping machines greatly facilitate the handling and strapping your goods. Machines to come in contrast there for use where no whole pallets, but mobile devices small Pack units such as E.g. boxes or strapped also elongated goods and need to be bundled.

Strapped is in cardboard boxes as everywhere where the use of normal tape no longer is sufficient, so the weight of the goods is too high. Cardboard boxes or containers appropriate for transport be secured by strapping.

Strapping is a strapping machine quickly and sometimes automatically. By a friction welding CAP, no separate sleeves or metal closures are necessary.

A distinction between frame machines, to semi-automatic strapping and to fully automatic strapping.

To strapping machines


As the name implies, these machines run fully automatically. The packaged goods runs on wheels with a frame and will automatically be strapped.

To semi-automatic strapping machines


This type of machine, the strapping is placed manually to the packaged goods or the carton. The rest of the surrounding maturation process happens automatically.

Frame machines


Strapping automatically running a frame here directly from the roll. The strapping and the closure triggered by a button or foot pedal.



Sandax watch especially in the area of strapping machines on the best quality. In our range of products make it only strapping machines of well-known Hersteller.Da it is these products assets, have a long service life and an as easy and worry free operation of utmost importance. Sandax has a nationwide network of service partners and repair facilities.

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