Woven strapping

Woven strapping

Woven strapping band (often referred to as cross-woven or PES known band) has high can and is characterised by flexible and easy handling. The band also consists of polyester fibers and is often used for bundles of firewood, as it can withstand more sharp-edged pieces of the Pack with its woven structure as hot-melt or Kompositband.

Areas of application

Poly Ribbon

The woven poly tape for sawmills, firewood trade or metal-working companies with sharp-edged finished or semi-finished products is predestined. Another positive feature of woven ribbons is the higher heat resistance. The woven polyester strapping is used as disposable strapping band. The strapping is available in strengths between 370 daN and 1000 daN directly from stock.



Beginners kits are available also with woven strapping involving metal terminals phosphated equal to the required, rolling carts, fixture and the woven band.

In addition


The tape is processed together with phosphated metal fasteners. The woven tape has a better grip in the metal clamp as galvanized fasteners that are sufficient for Kompositband and HM-band through the rough surface.

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