Dangerous goods label

Dangerous goods label

Our high-quality and long-lasting danger goods stickers make sure a correct packaging labelling ACC. GGVSE, ADR, RID, ADNR (road and rail), IMDG (maritime), IATA (air).

Dangerous goods labels


At Sandax you get all dangerous goods labels for dangerous goods classes 1-9 and its respective subclasses: o class 1: explosive substances and articles with explosives o class 2: gases o class 3: flammable liquids o class 4: flammable solids o class 5: lighting substances and organic products o class 6: toxic and infectious substances o class 7 : Radioactive substances substances o o corrosive class 8: dangerous goods class 9: various dangerous substances and articles

Extended range

Sea containers, trucks, cardboard

We provide dangerous goods stickers for marking cardboard boxes and packaging, as well as for larger units like E.g. sea containers, truck's or tankers. These dangerous goods stickers are made of seawater-resistant foil.

Smaller 10 x 10 Gefahrenettiketten can be ordered as a rolls.

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